• Health Syllabus

    Rationale for Health Education:

    Health education is integral to the primary mission of Howard Middle School. Your participation in this class will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to become successful learners and healthy productive adults. Providing education on key health problems facing students will lead to future positive lifestyle choices.

    In this class, each student will be responsible for keeping a notebook/journal containing all Health notes/handouts and reflections.  Students will come to class with a pencil/pen, class handouts, and health journal/folder. 

    Required Materials: Notebook/Folder *** Notebook paper *** Pen/Pencil

    Final Grade will be determined by the following:

    Unit Tests/Quizzes 20%

    Class work 50%

    Health Lab 30%

    Course Outline:

    *Throughout the course we will cover the following topics:

    Mental/Emotional Health, Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Tobacco, Respect/Character Education, Consumer/Media Consumption, Personal Fitness, Nutrition, Human Development

    *As time permits

    --Students are responsible for obtaining and completing assignments when absent.  10 pts. will be deducted each day… up to 3 class days.  Any work not turned in after the 3rd class period will result in a “0” being recorded in the gradebook.


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