• School Supplies

    1-Primary Composition Notebook with space for pictures
    3-Three Prong Vinyl, 2 Pocket Folders (1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow)
    2-Boxes of 12 Pencils (Primary “fat” Pencils)
    1-24 pack of Regular Pencils
    2-Boxes of 24 Count Crayons
    2-Box of 8 Primary “fat” crayons
    1-Box of colored pencils
    3-Packs of Large Pink Erasers
    10 to 15 Glue Sticks
    2-Bottles of Elmer’s School Glue
    2-Pack of Expo Markers
    1-Pencil Box or Pencil Bag
    2-Large Boxes of Kleenex
    3-Bottles of Hand Sanitizer
    3-Containers of Clorox/Lysol Wipes
    1-Pack of cardstock or construction paper for projects
    Keep These at Home for Homework Use
    2-Kindergarten Writing tablets (Primary Ruled)
    Index Cards
    2-First grade Writing tablets (Primary Ruled) Scissors (blunt/round ends)
    2 composition notebooks
    1 pencil box
    50 pencils
    2 large pink erasers
    8 glue sticks
    1 bottle of glue
    3 boxes of 24 crayons
    3 folders
    2 boxes of tissues
    Hand sanitizer
    Box of zip top sandwich bags (girls only)
    Box of zip top gallon sized bags (boys only)
    1 pack of 4 dry erase markers
    1 Back Pack
    1 Binder (2 inches)
    4 Packs of 20 Pencils
    2 Red Spiral Notebooks
    2 Blue Spiral Notebooks
    2 Yellow Spiral Notebooks
    2 Green Spiral Notebooks
    8 Black and White Composition Tablets
    1 Packs of Erasers
    1 Pack of Glue Sticks
    1 Box of Markers
    1 Box of Crayons
    1 Pack of
    Dry Erase Markers
    1 Pack of
    Dry Erase Markers
    1 Box of Kleenex Tissues
    1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
    1 Roll of Paper Towels
    1 Box of Sandwich Sized Ziploc Bags
    1 Box of Gallon Sized Ziploc Bags
    1 Folder
    4 Packs of Pencils (not mechanical)
    15 Glue Sticks
    2 sets of Colored Pencils
    Dry Erase Marker
    Handheld Sharpener
    4 Wide Ruled Composition Notebooks
    Pencils/Pencil Bag
    Lysol Wipes
    2 Packs Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
    4 Folders with Pockets and Prongs
    1 Wide Ruled Spiral Bound Notebook
    Assorted Colors of Highlighters
    1 One Inch Binder
    2 Bottles of Liquid Glue
    4 Packs of loose leaf paper (wide ruled)
    5 Composition Notebooks or single subject
    spiral notebooks
    4 Two-pocket Folders
    1 Pair of Scissors
    1 Pack of Highlighters assorted colors
    4 Glue sticks
    1 Pack of black or red ink pens
    1 Pack of markers
    1 Package of Post-its
    2 Packs of
    4 count dryerase markers
    1 Ream of copy paper
    1 Pack of construction paper
    1 Pencil bag
    1 Jump drive
    1 box of crayons
    1 Pack of index cards
    Paper Towels
    1 box of disinfecting wipes
    8 Packs of Notebook Paper
    2 1 Subject Notebook with Pockets
    4 Composition Notebooks
    2 Binders
    2 Packs of Subject Dividers
    8 Packs of Pencils/Pencil Bag
    8 Folders
    2 Packs of Erasers
    1 Pack of Graph Paper
    2 Packs of Color Pencils
    4 Boxes of Tissue
    2 Large Bottles of Hand Sanitizer
    2 Packs of Construction Paper
    Jump Drive
    4 Glue Sticks
    1 Pack of Highlighters (assorted colors)
    1 Pack of Index Cards
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