• Let’s Get Together!

    B.E.S.T. Academy (6-12) will host the following events to build the capacity for strong parental involvement to support a partnership among the school, parents, and the community to improve student academic achievement. (Dates revised 8-24-16)

    Compact Review Meeting – May 5, 2016

    We invite all stakeholders to be a part of an extensive review of our School-Parent Compact

    Parental Involvement Policy Review Meeting – May 5, 2016

    We invite all stakeholders to review and revise our Parental Involvement Policy

    Parent Workshop – Parent Boot Camp, June 16, 2016

    Parents learn how to more effectively create an enjoyable learning environment for their child.

    6th Grade Parent Meeting –July 27, 2016, 5:30pm

    Parents learn about academic standards of B.E.S.T. Academy.

    Open House & Parent Orientation – August 1, 2015 

    Meet your child’s teacher and our friendly and helpful school staff for the year. Parent Portal Information shared.  Get helpful information to prepare for the school year.

    Annual Title I Meeting – August 11, 2016, 10am & 5:00pm w/After-School All-Stars Orientation & PTSA

    We invite you to an evening of learning and sharing about our Title I program, including our parental involvement policy, the school-wide plan, the school-parent compacts and parents’ right to know.

    Title I School Wide Planning and Budget Meeting – August 11, 2016, 11am & 5:30pm & Aug 23, 10am & 5:30pm

    Parents participate in discussions with the principal and staff regarding the school-wide plan, parental involvement, school budget and make revisions to the parental involvement policy and school-parent compacts.

    Parent Volunteer Orientation Meeting – August 23, 2016, 11am & 6:30pm

    Parents learn APS volunteer requirements & training.

    Parent University Parent Portal Breakfast- August 30, 2016, 9am, Room 138

    Parent learn how to effectively use parent portal and discuss its use as a great tool for communication.

    Staff Workshop – Parent Engagement /Parent portal September 13, 2016, 4pm

    Staff learn how to more effectively use the parent portal and discuss its use as a great tool for communication.

    Parent Engagement- September 22, 2016

    Parent Involvement Policy, Title I & resource information.

    Harvest Fest - October 22, 2016, 10am-2pm

    Parents & families receive and engage in fun academic, health, partner & resource information.

    Bring Your Parent to School, The Charter System, POD’s & Milestone Thanksgiving Luncheon –

    Tue., Nov. 15, 2016-Parents will enjoy hearing the latest school, testing and curriculum updates.

    Holiday & ELA – December 8, 2016

    Parents will enjoy hearing the latest curriculum updates, and enjoy reading and writing samples.

    Strengthening Parent & Staff Communication Workshop – January 2017 4pm

    Staff & parent learn to communicate more effectively.

    Transition & Curriculum Night – February 2017

    Parents learn relevant information about the great education provided here at B.E.S.T.

    Math & Science Mardi Gras – February 2017

    Learn to make math, science and engineering fun at home and gain knowledge about topics relevant to your child’s education.

    Bring Your Parent to School, March Madness with Milestone Testing & Social Studies Night– March 2017 

    Provide parents and students with information on test taking skills and provide helpful tools to increasing student achievement in Math/Literacy/Reading. Gain knowledge about topics relevant to your child’s education.

    Parent Empowerment Breakfast–April 2016

    Parents give input on the use of 1% of B.E.S.T. Title I budget, receive parental tips and encouragement.

    End of the Year Budget 2017/18 Title1 Compact and Parental Involvement Policy Meetings-May 2017

    An opportunity for parents to give input about the compact and parent policy for the 2016-2017 school year.

    Future Events will be posted on the schools website, and announced through take home flyers, email, text, and voice messenger. Please get and install our B.E.S.T. Academy App.

    Updated 8-24-16.