Ms.Bridgitte Sims- ELA

  • My name is Bridgitte B. Sims.

    I am a product of the Atlanta Public School System.

    This is my 17th year teaching in Atlanta Public Schools.

    I have taught on the elementary level as well.

    Presently, I teach 6th Grade English Language Arts.

    I enjoy movies, reading, and cooking.

    I have a B.S. from Georgia State University and a M.S. from Argosy University.


    My Philosophy of Education:

    Education is vital to the development of an individual. It is vital in areas of physical, mental, emotional, moral, and social development. The role of a teacher stretches far beyond the classroom. The role of a teacher is multifaceted. The job also involves involvement in the community. I believe it is the responsibility of the school to introduce children to the skills, information, and attitudes necessary for proper adjustment in the community and in society.