• Maurice Hart is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He is a product of Atlanta Public Schools. In 1993, he graduated from Archer High School.  While attending Archer High School, Maurice was an outstanding high school football player.  Due to his excellence on the field, he received state and local honors in football. After graduation, Hart went on to play football at Lane College in Jackson, TN.  At Lane College he received a degree B.S. in Physical Education. After graduation from Lane, Hart became an assistant coach training the offensive linemen for a year. In 2002, he returned to Atlanta and became the defensive linemen coach at Southside High School currently named Maynard Jackson High School.

    Through his tutelage, many of Coach Hart players have earned athletic scholarships to several colleges: Julius Barlay Class of 2006 (University of Colgate (2006-2010); Lorenzo Mauldin Class of 2011 (University of Louisville2011-present; 2015 N.F.L  Prospect); Elzie Jordan Class of 2012 (University of Kentucky Wesleyan 2012-present);  Malik Reid  Class of 2013 (University of  Alabama State 2013-present); Jakori Duffy Class of 2014(Edward Waters 2014-present) and that just a name a few.

    Maurcie Hart is most proud father of two children: Maurice Hart Jr. and Zenobia Hart.