•  Frank L. Stanton (F. L. Stanton)  Students, Staff, Families,and Community,  as a School Counselor for F.L. Stanton Elementary School I am honored to  serve this school and  community.  


    As a School Counselor I strive to help children...

    • Develop effective problem solving skills to help them resolve conflicts and make good decisions and choices.

    • Develop a good sense of self-awareness that promotes a healthy self-esteem.

    • Develop effective relational and communication skills that will help them establish and maintain friendships and successful relationships.

    • Develop understanding of respect for others, and appreciation for differences and diversity within the Atlanta communites.


    As a School Counselor I...
    • Work with individual/small groups

    • Meet with parents

    • Collaborate with teachers and agencies

    • Develop Student Programs

    • Conduct classroom guidance as needed in the school year


    Please contact me at cblake@atlanta.k12.ga.us