• Board Committee Members: Katie Howard (Chair), Eshé Collins and Aretta Baldon

    Community Advisors: Brian Hawkins, Earl Fagin and Shelby Nelson


    The Board of Education of the City of Atlanta (board) shall have and exercise control and management of the Atlanta Public Schools in accordance with the charter of the Atlanta Independent School System, and the Official Code of Georgia (state law). The board is also responsible for monitoring finances, ensuring that accounts are audited annually, and publishing an end-of-the-year financial report to the community.

    Authority and Membership

    The Audit Committee is a standing advisory committee of the board, as adopted December 9, 2002, by Board Resolution No. 02/03-0117. The Audit Committee, appointed by the board chair, will be composed of at least three board members. The chair of the Audit Committee will be selected by the Audit Committee members. The board shall also appoint from the community at least three outside non-voting advisors to the Audit Committee who are residents of the City of Atlanta or who work for an entity that has a business office in the City of Atlanta. The Advisory Committee member shall have operating management experience and a background in financial, accounting, and/or auditing matters. The Director of Internal Compliance (Internal Auditor) will also function as an advisor to the Audit Committee and will provide support and technical assistance necessary for the Audit Committee to carry out its business.

    Term of Service

    The term of service for board members on the Audit Committee is two years. Community advisors shall serve a three-year staggered term. For the first year of implementation, one member will serve a one-year term, one member will serve a two-year term, and one member will serve a three-year term.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    The duties and responsibilities of a member of the Audit Committee, as with any board committee, are in addition to those normal duties set out as a full board member. The Audit Committee’s principal responsibilities are to see that appropriate fiscal, program, and accounting policies and internal control structures are established and implemented which promote accountability, integrity, and efficiency at Atlanta Public Schools.

    Chapter 14 of Title 50 of the laws of Georgia requires open and public meetings, and authorization for any citizen to have access to committee minutes and records at reasonable times. The Audit Committee is authorized to hold executive sessions to discuss personnel matters or matters involving IT security and vulnerability assessments. Community advisors may participate in executive sessions contingent upon a majority vote of the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee’s minutes are to include a synopsis of the discussion on every question coming before it and the names of those Audit Committee members present. The executive assistant of the board and the Director of Internal Compliance will provide the Audit Committee adequate support to discharge its responsibilities.

    The Audit Committee shall review and recommend policies that will ensure the Director of Internal Compliance, the state and federal auditors, and independent outside auditors will have unrestricted access to Atlanta Public Schools personnel, records and public documents with respect to matters being reviewed, audited or investigated.

    The Audit Committee will meet at a frequency necessary to accomplish its objectives. The committee will report its actions to the board and make recommendations that require board approval by resolution.

    Delegation of Authority



    Type of Authority

    Atlanta Board of Education

    Audit Committee

    Authority to perform oversight activities outlined in this chapter

    Atlanta Board of Education

    Audit Committee

    Assist the board in fulfilling its roles and responsibilities as required by the charter, state laws and board policy.

    Atlanta Board of Education

    Audit Committee

    Assist the governing board with ensuring management complies with findings, recommendations and corrective actions set forth in audits, reviews and administrative investigations.

    Atlanta Board of Education

    Audit Committee

    Assist the Audit Committee by providing planning and administrative support necessary for conducting Committee business and meetings