Room & Grade Parents

  • In an effort to provide various ways for families to stay connected and informed, the PTA has created: a grade-level social chair(s). These roles exist to meet larger, grade-level needs while the room parent still serves the needs of an individual class and teacher. It is the PTA’s hope that between these roles, families will have easy access to school, grade, and classroom information.

    Room Parent and other Classroom Volunteer Opportunities: 

    A room parent serves as a liaison between the school and/or teacher and the class. This person will send along communication regarding upcoming events that could relate to the individual class or to the school as a whole. The primary purpose for this role is to support the classroom teacher and relay communication to classroom families. This person may be called upon to forward information about an upcoming field trip on behalf of the teacher to classroom families; may be called upon to coordinate a birthday gift for the teacher; may be called upon to send out a classroom signup for an event.
    3 easy steps for Volunteer SignUps:
    1. Log into your MySchoolAnywhere account to view MES Volunteer Opportunities
    2. Review the SignUp listed and choose the one(s) you like.
    3. Sign up! It's Easy and only takes seconds.
    Note: Our volunteer signsups are using the password protectedd MySchoolAnywhere platform this year.  You can search by teacher or by category.  

    Grade Level Social Chairs:

    The social chairs (two per grade) will help coordinate community-building activities for an entire grade. This person is responsible for scheduling various activities for an entire grade. The social chair may want to set up a standing park playdate for families and children in an entire grade. Ideally, this person will also schedule several adult-only events for parents of an entire grade to meet and socialize. There is no expectation that the social chair host events at home or be solely responsible for making an event happen; this is simply a coordinator role.
    Our 201-18 Grade Level Social Chairs are:
    Room Parent and Social Chair Coordinator:  Amy Stewart


    Social Media (Facebook & Twitter) Chair: Christi Feeny