Box Tops

  • Our school collects Box Tops for Education in order to raise funds for our school.  We would LOVE it if you could collect them and send them into your child’s classroom!
    2018/19 GOAL: $2500: Each box top submitted = $0.10 directly to our school.
    Box Top Earnings:
    • 2017/18: 1274.40
    • 2016/17: 1317.00
    • 2015/17: 1377.80
    • 2014/15: 1320.90
Potential School Year Earnings
    1. BUY! Find Box Tops on hundreds of products
    2. CLIP! Clip Box Tops from each package.
    3. SAVE AND SEND IN! We will be collecting Box Tops all year long! You can turn them in to your teacher in Ziploc baggies.  
     Be sure to mark your baggies with:
    • child’s name
    • teacher’s name
    • number of box tops in each baggie
    The class that has the most baggies on each collection day (twice a year- November & March), gets extra recess!
    BoxTop collection is in full force! A flyer and a ziplock bag went home last week with instructions of what to do. Ask your neighbors! Ask friends! Ask grandparents! Let's exceed our goal of $8000.00 to raise money for our music department. First collection November 1st!
    4. EARN!  Box Tops are worth 10¢ each for your school. Boxtops will be collected throughout the year and sent to Box Tops for Education. Checks will be mailed to MES from Box Tops 4 Education twice a year.
    NEW BOX TOPS BONUS APP: Box Tops has a brand new app!  BEFORE you send it your Box Tops, scan your receipts in the app! You can earn Bonus Box Tops in the Box Tops Bonus App in combination with the on-pack Box Tops clip and any other coupon, discount, store program or promotion.
    PTA Box Top Chairs: Vicky Clifton