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    Atlanta Public Schools is launching the Tablet2READ initiative!  First grade students in APS will receive tablet to support reading skill remediation both inside and outside of the classroom.  Students will have access to 16 amazing literacy apps as well as have the ability to download eBooks!

    Teachers will be trained to teach students how to use the apps for literacy remediation and advancement as well as how to download the eBooks to be read at home and over the summer!

    Students will be able to take the devices home at the end of the school year and are expected to read and explore the preloaded apps! 

    Parents will need to attend an informational session in order to receive information about the device, how it will be utilized by their student(s), as well as to sign a parent/student contract in order for their student to receive the device.

    Two schools have been chosen as our pilot schools, Benteen Elementary School and Bolton Academy.  First grade students at these schools will receive an Amazon Kindle Fire through this initiative to utilize for literacy instructional purposes.  Although students will be able to take these devices home during the summer to explore the apps and immerse themselves into tons and tons of eBooks, the devices remain the property of Atlanta Public Schools.  The remainder of our first grade students will become a part of this amazing opportunity in the fall of 2018!

    Please contact Tab2Read with any training questions regarding this initiative!

    For a copy of the Student and Family Handbook, please click the following link: Tab2Read Student and Parent Handbook