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    What are the requirements to attend ACCA?

    In order to attend the Atlanta College and Career Academy, students must meet the following criteria:

    • Student must be in ninth grade (or above) and age 15
    • Student must have a qualifying score on the College Board Accuplacer, SAT or ACT
    • 11th and 12 grade students can use HOPE GPA in place of admission test (2.6 HOPE GPA or higher)
    • Student must be on track for graduation (see school counselor for details)
    Who do I talk to about applying to ACCA or for more information?

    Please see your school counselor for application/admission information.

    Marta Cards

    Please see your school counselor for Marta cards.

    How do I engage with the College and Career Academy?

    The Atlanta College and Career Academy is a viable option for all students in the Atlanta Public Schools System. Students must be a 15 year old freshman in high school in order to attend. If you are interested in this opportunity, please see your high school counselor for more information. You may find additional information at the following websites:

    How do I earn a cord?

    The white double-knotted cord is awarded to students that successfully complete a Technical College Certificate while enrolled at the Atlanta College and Career Academy.

    What is a Technical College Certificate (TCC)?

    A technical certificate is earned by a student after taking a series of courses in a particular subject. Students often earn certificates to get a step ahead in the professional field of their interest, and certificates may be offered in similar programs leading to degrees.

    Where can I get more information about Dual Enrollment Programs?

    What courses can I take in the Move on When Ready Program?

    Students are able to take most courses offered on the college campuses. Students should meet with their high school counselor to determine course options.

    How do I learn about summer participation?

    Once enrolled in the Atlanta College or Career Academy, students are eligible to take courses during the summer. Students can take summer courses through the Dual Enrollment Program until they officially graduate from high school.

    What is the APS bus schedule for ACCA this school year?

    Click this link for the APS bus schedule: ACCA Transportation Schedule


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