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    ACCA Attendance Policy

    ACCA has a tiered series of notifications for students who are missing an increasing number of school days. ACCA will use a variety of communication measures (e.g., meetings between the principal and student; phone calls; letters; etc.) to inform the home school and parents about their child’s attendance. This information will be updated if there are any changes. 

    ACCA Discipline Policy

    Discipline Philosophy: High expectations and a positive climate will support academic, social and emotional growth for all students. ACCA will empower students to make appropriate behavioral decisions. All behavior issues will be met with positive intervention and respect in order to build strong relationships and encourage students to make responsible choices. This information will be updated if there are any changes. 

    ACCA Transportation Information

    This information will be updated as soon as it is finalized by Atlanta Public Schools and the Atlanta College and Career Academy for the school year. 

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