PTA Information for Slater Elementary

  • The Thomas H. Slater PTA is in formation! If you would like to support this effort, please call the Parent Center at (404) 802-4056 or send an email to

    What does the PTA do?
    · Supports and organizes school-wide events 
    · Provides a forum to discuss issues of importance to parents and teachers 
    · Provides the volunteers and the organization needed to support school projects 
    · May conduct fundraising for school activities 
    · May assist in special school projects, such as Website development, landscaping or community outreach 

    How do I join the PTA?
    · At most schools, the PTA membership drive begins a few weeks after the new school year starts and lasts several weeks. Parents are invited to join during this time or later in the year, if desired. 
    · Look for a PTA membership form in our school office, fill out the form, attach your membership dues and return the form to the school office. 

    How are my PTA membership dues used?
    · PTA dues are used to help fund projects and programs that add to the quality of your child's education and to help teachers and parents communicate and work together. 

    How can I help the PTA?
    · Join the PTA! 
    · Attend PTA meetings. 
    · Get involved in events and committees where your interests and talents can be used.

    When are PTA meetings?
    · The schedule for PTA meetings will be posted in the coming weeks.

    Connect to the Vision by Helping Your Student at Home: 
    Teaching and learning research indicates that children who spend more time on regularly assigned, meaningful homework, on average, do better in school. 

    The following are some ways that you can help your child with his or her homework: 

    1. Ask your children if they understand their homework. If they do not, work a few examples together.
    1. Ask your children to show you their homework after the teacher returns it, to learn where they're having trouble and where they're doing well. See if your children did the work correctly.
    1. Stay in touch with your children's teachers. Ask about their classes and what they are studying. Ask their teachers how you can support what they are studying.
    1. Don't be afraid to get in touch with the teacher if you and your child don't understand an assignment or if your child is having a great deal of trouble. Almost all parents run into these problems, and teachers are glad to help.
    1. Don't do your children's work for them. Help them learn how to do it themselves.
    1. Show your children that you think homework is important. If you are at work during homework time, ask to see their work when you get home.
    1. Praise your children for doing well. Make praise a habit.
    1. Maintain a portfolio of "best pieces."
    1. Ask your school about tips or guides for helping your children develop good study habits.
    1. Help older students organize their assignments by recording them on calendars or planners, along with due dates, dates turned in, etc.

    SOURCE: National PTA & National Education Association