RESOURCES for Vendors

  • Thank you for you for your interest in providing a service/program to Atlanta Public Schools.


    Any organization or group with a program/service that involves charging a fee, should contact our Procurement Office and become a registered vendor with the district.  (If you decide not to charge a fee, we could discuss a partnership, but typically if there’s a fee involved, we consider that provider a vendor.)  

    Please see below for details on the Vendor Registration Process:

    ·         BELOW is an updated version of the Vendor Registration (VR) packet. Every question on the vendor form, pages 1 and 2, is required to be completed.

    ·         Included with the VR form are the affidavits—only one affidavit is required; the vendor will have to choose “the one” affidavit that applies their business.  The affidavit must be notarized with a legible notary stamp.

    ·         A W-9 Tax id certificate is required with submission of the VR.

    ·         Submit the vendor registration packet/forms/missing doc, etc. to, Attn: Tonya Kay.  

    ·         If the vendor needs assistance with completing the VR packet, they can email, Tonya Kay at or call 404-802-2532.

    ·         Internal/Employee Vendor Number requests are also submitted to Tonya Kay at or call 404-802-2532.

    All vendor registration forms, external and internal, can be found in the myAPS Forms Center at


    Vendor Registration Form

    How to Do Business with Atlanta Public Schools


    Please feel free to reach back out to the Office of Partnerships and Development after submitting your paper work so that we can post your information to our Available Vendors section and share with our schools!