• Guiding Principles for Revenue Consideration

    Guiding Principles for Budget Parameters

    • Depth vs. Breadth - a focus should be on making deeper investments in specific parameters instead of distributing funds over too many disparate priorities.
    • Budget parameters should be in alignment with the, Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan and with the Charter System Operating Model.


    Guiding Principles under which the Board will consider using a millage rate increase in order to advance the organization’s mission and vision:

    • If the budget contemplates significant investments in strategic priorities above current operational costs
    • If the Board can identify that the district is making continuous improvement toward using all available resources (including special revenue, partnerships, SPLOST, and general funds) in a more efficient and effective manner
    • If the budget proposals support the district’s transformational strategy
    • If mandatory expenses (pension, MOE, healthcare, etc.) increased to a point where they were significantly impeding on the ability to accomplish the district’s mission and vision
    • If the Board believed that not raising the millage rate would impede the district’s ability to deliver on promises to stakeholders (signature programs, turn-around, whole-child development, to address equity)
    • If unfunded mandates emerge from the General Assembly
    • If there is significant loss of long-standing revenue streams
    • If the increase will not inhibit the economic stability of local neighborhoods


    The Board will consider utilizing the amount of fund balance above 7.5% of prior years budgeted expenditures under the following conditions:

    • To fund one‐time expenditures that are nonrecurring in nature and which will not require additional future expense outlays for maintenance, additional staffing or other recurring expenditures
    • To pilot new programs or to fund other short-term priorities of the Board
    • To meet emergencies and unexpected expenses throughout the year