• Online Tools for Homework and Study Skills      

    www.Easybib.com – Students can type in a website or source name and Easybib will automatically generate a citation in whatever style format the teacher requires.

    www.Prezi.com – A cloud-based presentation tool that allows for zooming and panning and can make presentations more dynamic and fun.

    www.Quizlet.com – Students can create flashcards and study guides to review material online or on a mobile device. Created by high-school students in 2007, the site has more than 40 million study sets generated by users.

    www.Storybird.com – This site helps students create a story or poem or present material using a variety of illustrations.

    www.Sparknotes.com – Summaries of literary works with analyses of important quotes, key facts, study questions, essay topics, and quizzes.

    www.HowLongToReadThis.com – Students enter the name of a written work, a timer determines their reading speed as they read a sample paragraph, and they’re told how long it will take to finish the book.

    www.KhanAcademy.org – Brief tutorials on a wide array of topics and grade levels. Kindle books – Features include highlighting, vocabulary help, and being able to search a long book for a key passage. Google Docs – A group of students can create, edit, collaborate on, and store documents, which can be opened on any computer with an Internet connection. Teachers can add notes.

    Stuck on a problem?  The APS Homework Hotline can give a little helping hint. The APS Homework Hotline is available for students Monday-Thursday, 3–9pm except during semester breaks and holidays.  Please call 678-553-3029 or go online at http://www.myhomeworkhotline.org




Last Modified on September 16, 2019