• The Administration has developed specific arrival and dismissal procedures to ensure our students safety. With everyone's cooperation, arrival and dismissal will be a welcoming, stress-free and safe experience for students, parents, staff and the community. There are four ways get to/from school: School Bus, Car (Carpool Lane & Sidewalk Drop-Off), Walk and Bicycle. Approximately, 50-65% of students ride the bus, 25-35% use carpool or drop-off and 10-20% walk. Some students (and teachers) ride bicycles as well.  Please review the Transportation Overview procedures and map.

    Transportation & Safety Overview Click here to review important arrival and dismissal procedures at Inman.

    Carpool Traffic Plan 

    Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures 

    Transportation Map

    What the Georgia Code Says About Pedestrians

    Pedestrian Right of Way

    Inman Walk Zone

    Bus Riders

    Inman Bus Routes

    APS Bus Routes

    The Inman Administration is in charge of all policies and procedures; therefore, should you have questions, please contact the Inman office at 404.802.3200 or Mr. Frank Walker. The PTA School Operations Support Co VP is the liaison between the school and parents so if you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to email operations@inmanmiddleschool.org.

Safe Routes To Howard Middle School Survey



    As Inman prepares to transition to Howard in the fall of 2020, the PTO is working with GA Commute Options and GA Safe Routes to School as well as APS to determine how students will get to school.

     Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below.