Kindergarten Center Transportation Details

  • Transporation Plan: Parents will fill out a Transportation Plan at Meet and Greet or on the first day of school so teachers know exactly how your child will arrive and get home each day. All students will have a visible, labeled backpack tag to ensure that all staff members know how they will be dismissed. 

    Key Dates:

    • August 12 – 14: Parents can park at the Kindergarten Center and walk their child into the classroom. The Kindergarten Center Shuttle and Kindergarten Center Carpool will also be options for arrival. Dismissal options include the Kindergarten Center Carpool or Kindergarten Shuttle only. There is no walk up option for pick-up.
    • August 15 – end of school year:  Please note that we will not have walkers or park/walk-in option at the Kindergarten Center for arrival or dismissal due to safety. Parents must choose (1) Kindergarten Center Carpool or (2) Kindergarten Center Shuttle.


    ARRIVAL: Kindergarten Center

    1. Carpool at the K Center: Traffic is one way, with one entrance and one exit to the K Center. The loading/unloading area for the K Center is in the back of the building by the K Center main entrance. Please stay in your car, K Center staff will assist with arrival. We will open car doors, greet your child and ensure that they get into the building safely. For more information visit the Carpool Map.

    2. Kindergarten Shuttle: Two of our regular MES school buses will drive their neighborhood route and come to MES Main Campus. Students will unload and our K Center Staff will help load our Kindergarten students and shuttle them to the Kindergarten Center. Loading and unloading of buses in the morning happens on E. Rock Springs. 

    • Some of our Kindergarten Center paraprofessionals will begin and end their day at the Main Campus to assist with arrival and dismissal of K students. They will also ride the bus with the K students.


    • 7:30am-7:40am MES staff will be at carpool and walker pad (Haygood side) to greet K students who will be riding the shuttle.
      • AUGUST 12-14 ONLY: Parents may walk K students to the auditorium.   Staff members will then walk those students to the shuttle and help them load.
    • 7:40am:
      • AUGUST 12-14 ONLY:  Parents will need to walk their students to the Auditorium to check in for the Kindergarten Shuttle. MES staff person will assist your child onto the shuttle. 
      • AUGUST 15 - end of year:  Students will be escorted by staff directly to the shuttle by MES staff members from either the walker pad or carpool line.
    • 7:45am Shuttle leaves promptly at 7:45am. If you are later than 7:45am, please drive your child to the Kindergarten Center.
    • Kindergarten Shuttle arrives at Kindergarten Center prior to 8:00am
    • 8:00am School Begins. Please note that students must be in the K Center by 8am or they will be tardy. Kindergarten Shuttle riders will never be marked tardy.


    DISMISSAL: Kindergarten Center

    There are two ways students can be dismissed from the Kindergarten Center (1) carpool or (2) Kindergarten Center Shuttle. All students will have a visible, labeled backpack tag to ensure that all staff members know how they will be dismissed. 

    1. Kindergarten Shuttle PLUS: We will have two of our regular MES school buses assigned to our Kindergarten Center Shuttle (K Shuttle) in the afternoon. They will arrive at the Kindergarten Center and our staff will help load our shuttle riders on the bus. The shuttle will leave our K Center approximately than 2:15pm. Our paraprofessionals will ride the bus back to the Main Campus with our students and will then assist them with disembarking and getting to the correct dismissal destination (bus, Morningside After School, Daycare Vans, Walkers, Main Campus Carpool).

    Unloading and loading of the K Shuttle and MES buses in the afternoon happens in front of the MES Main Enterance. Due to safety, parents/adults are not allowed to walk up to this area to pick up students. Students must be picked up in assigned dismissal locations (ie., walker pad and carpool via car only).

    • K Shuttle PLUS MES Carpool: student(s) are dropped off or picked up from Main Campus Carpool (see the Main Campus Carpool Map)
    • K Shuttle PLUS Main Campus Walker Pad: student(s) are dropped off or picked up from the Main Campus Walker's Pad located off of E. Rock Springs accessible by a ramp or stairway (near Haygood)
    • K Shuttle PLUS School Bus 517, 530, 640, 728, 745: student(s) are transportated to or from their home via a MES Bus. Don’t forget to ask your child’s teacher for the 'Remind' code for your particular neighborhood bus to be kept up to date with tardiness of bus, bus number change, etc
    • K Shuttle PLUS Daycare: student(s) are transported to daycares via a Daycare Van pickup at MES Main Campus. Starting August 6, JKG will pick up at the Kindergarten Center.
    • K Shuttle PLUS MAS: Morningside After School takes place at MES Main Campus.

    2. Carpool at the K Center: Carpool will begin immediately following the shuttle departure. Students will load at K Center main entrance with staff assistance. Please stay in your car. Practice buckling in with your child so our carpool line can be efficient but safe. Safety is our priority! Students will bring home a carpool visor tag the first day. Please display this at carpool each day to help expedite carpool. For more information visit the Carpool Map.

    • Traffic is one way, with one entrance and one exit to the K Center. The loading/unloading area for the K Center is in the back of the building by the main entrance of the K Center. 

    We keep a detailed account of dismissal each day so we ensure children get home safely from the Kindergarten Center. For those who take the K Shuttle, we work in very close partnership with the team at the Main Campus. They have additional staff in place at the MES Main Campus to greet your children as soon as they arrive on the K Shuttle, and they are escorted to their location. We ask that you have a 5-day routine throughout the year, with minimal changes. Our kiddos learn routines quickly and they thrive on it!

    Dismissal Changes: If you do need to change dismissal due to an emergency, there are two ways that can be communicated. Any changes in dismissal must be communicated by 1pm, and should only be for emergencies. Please think of this as a rare event, and not something that happens weekly or even monthly.

    1. Call the Front Office at 404-802-8700 before 1pm. You MUST speak to a staff member to confirm that the dismissal change was received. This is our preferred communication for dismissal changes.
    2. Send in a handwritten note to your child’s teacher, who will then get it to the Front Office. These notes are kept on file for record keeping purposes.

    NOTE: Please do not email or text your child’s teacher regarding a dismissal change. In the course of the school day, emails and texts are sometimes not retrieved in a timely manner, as teachers are focusing on the kiddos as they should be!


    Contacts: Kindergarten Center main phone number 404-802-8700


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