• Atlanta Public Schools is investing in the development of all of our teachers. We have recently launched our teacher development program to meet the needs of teachers from preparation to leadership development.   

Ongoing Professional Learning

  • A plethora of professional learning opportunities are provided within the district to assist with building the capacity of our instructional staff.  District-wide professional learning days, school-based trainings, summer trainings, and online training can be found on the district's learning management system in MyPLC.

Featured Teacher Development Initiatives

  • In  Atlanta  Public  Schools,  we  believe  that  great  teachers  can  make  schools  better  places  for  students  to  learn  by  serving  in  well-defined  teacher  leader  roles.  We  are  advancing  teacher  leadership  by  launching  Teacher  Leadership  Pathways,  a  system  that  communicates  career  advancement  opportunities  for  teachers. 

    Teacher  Leadership  Pathways  aim  to  reward  and  recognize  excellent  teachers  by  outlining  clearly-defined  leadership  opportunities  that  enable  them  to  reach  more  students  and  develop  leadership  skills  and  competencies. 

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