• Aspiring Leader Development for Central Office Staff 

    Program Description:

    A selected cohort of central office employees will be given the privilege to engage in a series of professional development opportunities focused on personal leadership, navigation of dealing with difficult people, and development of executive presence in the work place through the district's inaugural Central Office Aspiring Leaders Program.  The central office leadership program is supported by Emory University's Continuing Education Department.

    Series of Courses

    Course 1 – Dealing with Difficult People

    Description – Participants will learn to identify and handle the four most common types of difficult people.

    Course 2 - Personal Leadership

    Description – Participants will engage in an interactive program to assess how they respond to ambiguous situations, decision points, and conflict.

    Course 3 – Executive Presence

    Description - Participants will receive personalized feedback on their executive image and presentation styles.



    Dr. Cheryl Twyman


    Director of Organizational and Professional Development