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  • Overview of Organizational and Professional Development

    The Office of Professional Learning supports the assessment of professional learning needs for instructional and non-instructional staff; additionally, works collaboratively with school and central office leaders to design, implement, and assess the effectiveness of professional learning opportunities that support the continuous building of staff’s capacity.

    The Professional Learning Office also supports a body of work that includes initiatives designed to address teacher development, leadership development, and organizational development.


    Essential Skills of Professional Learning Team

    • Thorough knowledge of organizational and professional learning theories and best practices.

    • Comprehensive knowledge of adult learning theory and process.

    • Knowledge of current trends in teacher, leader, organizational and staff capacity building.

    • Ability to design and evaluate system-wide and school-based staff development plans.

    • Knowledge of effective delivery of professional learning.

    • Deep understanding of the urban school system environment and commitment to improving student achievement.


    Essential Duties of Professional Learning Team

    • Uses principles of adult learning and innovative technology solutions to improve and enhance professional learning.

    • Establishes, provides, and communicates ongoing professional learning opportunities for instructional and non-instructional staff to obtain the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to meet the district's goals, initiatives and priorities.

    • Coordinates the assessment, evaluation, and measurement of the impact of all programs that facilitate the professional development and continuous learning of staff.