IB Learner Profile



    A caring student respects the needs and feelings of others and show concern for the world around them. Caring students show empathy, appreciation, and has tolerance for others.

    Caring IB Profile







    A reflective student uses experiences to consider their choices, take action, help them grow, and improve the world around them. Reflective students are confident, appreciative, and independent. 

    Reflective IB Profile







    A knowledgeable student develops an understanding of the world around them, locally and globally. Knowledgeable students are committed, confident, enthusiatic, and have integrity.

    Knowledgeable IB Profile






    A principled student is honest, fair, responsible, and completes assignments. Principled students are respectful, tolerant, are appreciative, and have integrity.

    Principled IB Profile






    An open-minded student listens to others’ perspectives and respectfully considers different points of view. An open-minded student is curious, tolerant, respectful, and empathetic.

    Open Minded IB Profile  






    A risk taker student step out of their comfort zone to try new things and are not afraid to make mistakes. Risk takers are confident, independent, enthusiastic, and committed.

    Risk Taker IB Profile






    A communicator expresses their thoughts, shares their feelings, and listen to others. Communicators are confident, cooperative, respectful, and have integrity.

    Communicator IB Profile  






    A thinker uses information to build understanding, create new ideas, and solve problems. Thinkers are creative, curious, independent, and committed.

    Thinker IB Profile






    An inquirier student shows curiosity by seeking information to develop questioning skills and build knowledge. Inquirers are confident, independent, curious, and creative.

    Inquirer IB Profile






    A balanced creates a healthy lifestyle through balancing academic, social, emotional, and physical choices. Balanced students are cooperative, committed, respectful, creative, and empathetic.

    Balanced IB Profile