• We appreciate all of those who have given to the SPARK Supporters Annual Fund so far!  Don’t see your name? Then please donate.  Our volunteers make every effort to update this list weekly.  If you see an error, please accept our apologies and kindly let us know.

Founding Sponsors

  • Thomas and Teresa Groshans
    Alex and Shannon Johnston
    Morningside Elementary School PTA
    VHMPA (Virginia-Highland Morningside Parent Association)

Legacy Donors

  • The Ayyangar-Krishna Family
    Bill and Dawn Bell
    The Bertsch Family
    The Danzig Family
    Gabriel and Kathleen Dumitrescu
    Steve and Kathy Fazenbaker
    Geoffrey and Maureen Goodman
    Bethann Grella, and Sander, Sebastian, and Tristan van Erk
    The Jern Family
    The Lazega Family
    Elizabeth and Ron Lieberman
    The Moser Family
    Jeff and Leslie Muscarella
    Karri Hobson-Pape and Pierce Pape
    David and Maria Rein
    The Richie Family
    The Sacchi Family
    Greg and Cameron Stoeckel
    Mark and Mary Stouffer
    Jeffrey S. and Janet M. Warncke
    The Zufall-Chan Family
    VHCA (Virginia Highland Civic Association)

Founding Donors

  • Anonymous
    The Allvine Family
    Mark and Julie Arnold
    The Centner Family
    The Ballentine-Kelsey Family
    Mark and Laura Beaty
    Jason and Jennifer Brewster
    Anthony DeBalsi and David Sims
    The Edlein Family
    Fortin-Guensler Family
    Joseph Fowlkes
    The Frank Family
    The Harrison Family
    The Holmes Family
    Clay and Angie Howell
    Damarre and Karlene Joseph
    Mukti and Kiran Kanji
    The Karp Family
    Steven and Lynne Kushner
    The Langan Family
    Frank and Cathy Lepik
    Jen and Rick Lockridge
    Mary Lin PTA
    Midtown Neighbors’ Association
    Mobro Marine, Inc.
    Angela & Doug Monje
    Elizabeth A. Mothershed
    The Mullinax Family
    The Pair Family and the Lucky Exchange
    Billy and Anna Palmer
    Dan and Donna Reed
    The Rosmarin – Toner Family
    Jay and Celeste Smith
    Snapdragon Photography
    The Soto Family
    Brianne Turgeon and Sean Patterson
    Michael Wakefield and Rebecca Mick
    Jennifer Weis

Major In Kind Donors

  • Murphy’s Restaurant
    Whole Foods Briarcliff

In Kind Donors

  • Agave
    Air Tran
    All Fired Up
    Atkins Park
    Athletic Club Northeast
    Fox Bros BBQ
    Robin Guacher
    Hastings Garden Center
    The Hearth and Soulshine Aftercare
    Mac’s Beer and Wine
    Orlegian Snowballs
    Piedmont Park Conservancy
    Redbrick Ale
    San Francisco Coffee
    Snapdragon Photography
    Tailfin Marketing
    Trader Joe’s

Last Modified on June 13, 2019