• The Science Department of Benjamin E. Mays High School is committed to providing a rigorous yet nurturing academic environment where students are encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills in each subject area.   It is the goal of our faculty to engage students through inquiry based learning, hands-on experimentation, real world applications of content and opportunities to research beyond the classroom.  Students should leave high school with an understanding of science that encourages them to make informed scientific decisions that will enhance their daily lives.

    The Science Departments offers the following courses: Biology, Physical Science, Earth Systems, Environmental Science, Introductory Chemistry, Physics, Scientific Research, Anatomy & Physiology, A.P. Environmental Science and A.P. Biology.  Students must complete a minimum of four science courses in order to graduate.  Students following an advance academic pathway, or who take accelerated courses beginning in the eighth or ninth grade, must complete at least one AP level or dual enrollment science course.