What are student activity fees?

  • Student Activity Fees cover the costs associated with grade level field trips and activities.  At SPARK we have a one time fee that will cover field trips and activities throughout the school year.  This year our student activity fee is $60 per child. 

    How to Pay for Fees: (we encourage families to pay via the online portal)

    (1) Online: Visit the Online School Management website.

    • Select: Elementary School, from the grey box on the left
    • Select: Springdale Park Elementary School
    • Select: grade level for your student 
    • Why pay online:
      1. Available 24/7
      2. Secure payment processing
      3. Record of payments and purchases
      4. Avoid the hassle of last-minute rushing to pay for special activities and other school fees
      5. A convenient wayto payfeesfromhome, the office or on-the-go
      6. Prevents loss since parents pay online 


Last Modified on August 26, 2021