• Please take a moment to review and sign up for the areas you are most interested in helping. The sign up will be updated as the school year progresses, so please keep the link handy!

    You can either sign up directly for the activity of your choosing or fill out a general volunteer form to get notifications of volunteer opportunities at SPARK. If you have questions, or want to talk about your interests, contact the Volunteer Coordinator. For volunteers who have already signed up, please note the following:

    1. Any and all volunteers must sign in at the front office and receive a volunteer name sticker.
    2. All volunteers through our sign-ups are considered level-2 and must have completed the volunteer release form and provide a copy of their photo ID to keep in their volunteer profile.  All volunteers must submit new paperwork each year.  Forms and ID should be submitted to Ms. Peebles.

    For Level 3, please complete this form. Level 3 requires Fingerprinting & a Background Check. You will need a valid form of ID and a Cashiers Check or Money order for $45 to Atlanta Public Schools. On the form, make sure to check the box that says “no access required”. Then take the form, ID, and Check down to APS’s main office located at:  130 Trinity Ave. Sw, Atlanta, GA. There you will be fingerprinted and a background check will be run. Once APS has finalized all the information, the ID card will be sent to SPARK for pick up when ready. APS will notify you through email. A Level 2 form needs to be completed before a Level 3.

    At this moment, there are a few areas we need to fill quickly.

    Make sure you are signed up to receive the SPARKe! The SPARKe is sent out with tons of useful information about upcoming events and deadlines. The majority of communication with sign ups will be included.

    Thank you for all of your help!

Last Modified on October 31, 2022