Hutchinson Student School Dress Code

  • Dress code guide

    Students are expected to dress in a manner consistent with the basic educational mission of the Atlanta Public Schools and to avoid disruption of the instructional process, violation of health and safety standards, and offense of common standards of decency.  Students are expected to dress and groom themselves in such a way as to reflect neatness, cleanliness, and safety.

    Hutchinson Elementary advocates a uniform policy for all students, which includes navy blue pants with a white or light blue-collared shirt for boys and navy blue jumpers, skirts, or pants with a white or light blue shirt for girls. Tank tops, shorts, and skirts more than two inches above the knee, midriff tops that expose the stomach, see-through tops, “spaghetti” strap tops, t-shirts with profanity, baggy pants that fall at the hip, thong shoes, flip flops, and skate shoes are not allowed. Parents will be notified if students do not comply with the school’s dress code. Students are required to tuck in blouses, tops, and shirts at ALL TIMES.