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    I am proud, honored and humbled to be your
    superintendent, the superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools. Over the past
    five years, I have used this blog to inform you – the APS community – in a
    direct and transparent way about our work on behalf of Atlanta’s children.


    This morning, the Atlanta Board of Education decided
    to launch a search for a new superintendent. Serving the children of Atlanta
    Public Schools in this role – and working alongside our educators, caregivers
    and partners – has been the greatest honor of my professional life.

    As I have expressed throughout the community for the
    past few months, I had a sincere desire for a contract extension so that our
    team and I could complete the vision and charge I was hired to achieve for the
    benefit of Atlanta’s children: Rebuild trust and restore pride in Atlanta
    Public Schools and position it for the future, especially after the largest
    cheating scandal in the history of public education.

    I’ve always been committed to working diligently and
    collaboratively to achieve the District’s goals and our mission to prepare
    every student for college and career. I feel we are well on that path. In fact,
    APS has made great progress from rising graduation rates to higher test scores
    to increased autonomy and resources for our schools.



    I love hard. I work passionately. And when necessary,
    I fight for APS and Atlanta’s children. I have always done what I believed to
    be right. I've always worked conscientiously to execute our mission and vision.
    And I have always had the belief that, despite challenges we have faced, we
    have always been able to come together and take actions in the best interests
    of children. For that, I am really proud of everyone in APS.

    The disparity in educational outcomes for Atlanta’s
    children has been intergenerational and systemic. The solutions are not easy,
    which is why I so passionately wanted to stay and finish the job I was hired to

    The Atlanta community entrusts its children and its
    hard-earned tax dollars to us. We in APS owe it to our community to continue to
    get up each day and show up for our children. I am incredibly humbled by the
    support and grateful for our community of students, caregivers, principals,
    teachers, staff, alumni and partners who have been so supportive of the work we
    have done.

    I’ve said many times: I love Atlanta … I believe in
    Atlanta. I believe in everyone in APS, and I believe everyone on our team will
    continue to get the job done for children. Despite progress and gains, this
    work is not done.



    As hard as it is sometimes, given the challenges
    inside and outside of the system, I do love my job and want to work to ensure
    that Atlanta has a homegrown educated workforce. I’ve made Atlanta my home, and
    there is still so much more work to be done. We have come a long way since the
    dark days of scandal, and I hope we can continue the progress.

    Our children need all of us — the Board and
    Superintendent, along with the entire APS community — to fight for them and to
    be their voice to have the best chance at choice-filled lives.