AVA Full-Time High School Overview

  • High School

    COMING SOON* SY FALL 2021 New Full-Time Option (AVA FLEX vs. AVA DIRECT)

    Program Options

    The program goal for Atlanta Virtual Academy is to provide students with total flexibility and choice around their learning through a 100% online experience as a full-time student. Students who are desirous of this model must enroll in their zoned neighborhood school.  To be a full-time AVA student you MUST be an Atlanta Public student.

    Through technology we connect parents, teachers and students which allows students 24/7 access to their courses. AVA’s certified teachers provide instruction and online communication to assist students with their learning. Parent oversight and involvement are critical for the full-time virtual student. Students can take all their core, world language, Honors, AP, CTAE and elective courses online, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. This model is ideal for students who are competitive athletes, high performing students who want to accelerate faster than a traditional face to face model allows for and those students who simply desire to be off site and work independently at their own pace. 

    Parents are encouraged to complete our interest form to initate the registration process.  To do so, go to the Interest in Full-Time Enrollment link.