Full-Time Middle & High School Enrollment Process

    1. Visit https://bit.ly/AVAFTInfo.
    2. Once you’re on our site, you can complete the online Interest Form. Please note, the Interest Form must be fully submitted before the review process can begin.
    3. Students with 504’s/IEP’s. Schedule 504/IEP Meeting with school personnel. Include Ms. Echols (AVA’s School Counselor) in the meeting. Her email address is Ayanna.Echols@atlanta.k12.ga.us.
    4. Meet with your Student’s Counselor to complete final paperwork. Your child’s Counselor will complete course advisement as well as communicate with both school and AVA staff to facilitate a smooth enrollment into the AVA Full Time program. 
    5. Strong Start! Parent & Student Orientation: Parents and students attend orientation sessions.