Full-Time Middle & High School Enrollment Process

    1. Visit https://bit.ly/AVAFTInfo.
    2. Once you’re on our site, you can complete the AVA Full-Time Interest Form. Please note, the Interest Form must be fully submitted before the review process can begin.
    3. Students with 504’s/IEP’s. Schedule 504/IEP Meeting with school personnel. Include Ms. Echols (AVA’s School Counselor) in the meeting. Her email address is Ayanna.Echols@atlanta.k12.ga.us.
    4. Meet with your Student’s Counselor to complete final paperwork. Your child’s Counselor will complete course advisement as well as communicate with both school and AVA staff to facilitate a smooth enrollment into the AVA Full Time program. 
    5. Strong Start! Parent & Student Orientation: Parents and students attend orientation sessions.