• 1. Who should I contact if I am having technology issues?


    2. What is the plan for meal service during the distance learning period?

    • Families will need to visit https://www.myschoolbucks.com/ to create an account to order meals for the week for each student.
    • Meals can be picked up Mondays from 2pm – 4pm beginning August 24, 2020.
    • Meals can be picked up from Price MIddle School OR in Forest Cove Community by rental office.
    • Meal orders MUST be placed a week in advance or else they will not be prepared or delivered to the chosen pickup site.
    • If you miss your pickup day/time, please contact Ms. Nunn.
    • ANunn@PurposeBuiltSchools.org
    • 678-210-1492


    3. How do I log onto zoom from my iPad?

    • Students can click on the link provided for Zoom or log in through the Zoom app with the log in information.
    • Students and families can follow the Zoom Log In for iPad document for guidance.