• iPads FAQs


    - How do I log on to Otus from an iPad?


    1.  Click on the Otus icon located on the home screen

    2. You should see a screen asking for a username and password. Look to the bottom for a blue icon with the letter "C" 

    3. Click the blue icon with the white "C". This will bring up with Clever log-in page. 

    4. Type "Thomasville Heights" and click the school's name. 

    5. Click "Log in with Active Directory." This will bring you to the Atlanta Public Schools log in page.

    6. Students will need to use their Network ID followed by @student.apsk12.org and their lunch numbers. Click Sign in. This will bring the student to their Otus Home Page

    7. Click the "Classes" tab to access a class. Once on the Classes Page students will be able to see their classes and click on the needed class.