4th Quarter Possibilities for Instruction

  • What will 4th Quarter Instruction look like at SPARK?

    4th Quarter Instruction and delivery models will depend heavily on the percentage of students that will be returning for face-to-face instruction beginning on Monday, March 22.   At this moment, SPARK is showing 57% of students returning for face-to-face instruction.  This number is likely to change.  The sooner parents/guardians complete their declaration the sooner SPARK can plan accordingly and inform our families of the instructional model that we will use.   There are three possibilities that we may use at SPARK.

    1. Current Model – Face to Face Teachers teaching Face to Face Students; Virtual Teachers teaching Virtual Students
    2. Simultaneous Teaching – Teachers would have both face-to-face students and virtual students at the same time.
    3. Hybrid Approach – A hybrid approach may occur if SPARK reaches 60% or more of its students returning for face-to-face instruction.  This means students would have two days of face-to-face instruction and two days of Virtual instruction.  This could result in students being grouped into “Group A” and “Group B” where Group A F2F students attend on Monday & Tuesdays and Group B F2F students attend on Thursday & Fridays. 

    In each scenario, there is no guarantee that your child will have their same current teacher.  We may need to balance classes to maintain social distancing which could result in a teacher change. 

4th Quarter @SPARK