Health Check App

  • On Monday, March 22, 2021, we transitioned our morning checkin to the HealthCheck app. 

    NOTE: We will still continue to use PikMyKid for afternoon dismissal processes.

    HealthCheck is a COVID-19 screening tool available as a mobile app and website. All students participating in in-person instruction are required to have a daily health screening. We are required to transition from daily screening in PikMyKid to the HealthCheck app on 3/22/21.  Parents and guardians will utilize HealthCheck to answer a handful of COVID-19 symptom questions before being permitted to enter the school building. After answering those questions, you will receive a green/red color status indicating your student's level of risk based on your responses.

    Click HERE to register if you did not receive the registration link email from APS in English or HERE en espanol.

    Click HERE to view instructions from Parent Communication Letter #1 in English or HERE en espanol.

    Click HERE to view FAQ's in English or HERE en espanol.

    Our school codes are as follows by grade level:
    MES Kindergarten: A1664KK
    MES 1st Grade:  A166401
    MES 2nd Grade:  A166402
    MES 3rd Grade:  A166403
    MES 4th Grade:  A166404
    MES 5th Grade:  A166405