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     Georgia Department of Labor Work Permits

    Students 16 and over do not require a work permit.

    Work Permit  

    Click on the link to access the work permit online.


    After the student has secured employment, the student will begin the work permit process by filling out the student portion of the permit. The student will be given a Minor Security Key (MSK). The student will give the employer the MSK so they can fill out their portion of the permit. Once the student and the employer have completed their portions, the student will email the MSK to the staff member at the school who is responsible for the completion and approval of work permits.  Once the staff member has completed the school’s portion, a PDF containing the work permit will be emailed back to the student. 

    BTW  Staff Member-Katherine King-Taylor, Parent Liaison 404-802-4657


    BTW Backup Staff Member-LaShonda Anderson,

    Attendance Clerk 404-802-4627



    Georgia Driving Permits and License

    To receive a certificate of attendance, the requesting student's attendance must be in good standing, no excessive tardies or absences. 

    Attendance Certificate issued by

    LaShonda Anderson

    Attendance Clerk 404-802-4627


    Click here for Georgia Permit Information 

    State of Georgia Teenage Driver Forms