Marsha Leverette

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    Marsha Leverette

    Marsha Leverette, special education lead teacher at Brown Middle School, has been an educator for 17 years. While she believes all students deserve a level playing field, she also knows that the path to achieving that looks different for every student.

    “The most important thing to me is advocating for my students,” said Ms. Leverette. “Whether it’s making sure my special education students are included in all school events or providing extra uniforms for a child in need, I’m going to advocate for my kids.”

    Working in special education, equity is especially important to Ms. Leverette. She appreciates the smaller classes at her school, which allows her to give all of her students the individualized and unique attention they need for success.

    “I get to be more intimate with my students and their families. This allows me to really know what type of resources they need for success, to have the same opportunities as other students,” said Ms. Leverette.

    As an advocate for all students, Ms. Leverette makes a point to attend all Go Team, cluster, and community meetings. Just like she teaches her students, she wants to make sure her voice is heard,  both as a community partner and educator.

    Ms. Leverette has taught special education at Brown Middle School throughout her almost two-decade career. She attributes her longevity there to the school’s and APS’ commitment to equitable practices.

    “The work itself sustains me because I know we still have to build up the youth and build excellence in them. We have to ensure all students are included, that they all have access to resources and opportunities for success,” she said.