Victoria Weaver

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    Victoria Weaver


    With almost 30 years of teaching experience, Victoria Weaver has always focused on equitable resources for all of her students. This includes everything from school supplies to academic support to parental support.

    “I’ve especially focused on this during the pandemic,” she said. “Each of my students and parents have my personal phone number. They know they can call or text me if they need me.”

    As a 7th grade teacher at King Middle School, Ms. Weaver believes all students have the potential to achieve at the highest level, regardless of where they come from. She’s grateful she works in a school district that holds this same belief.

    “I really appreciate APS, especially when it comes to its stance on equity and social justice. Because of this, and because I know all of my students are going to get the very best education I can give them, my students are positioned for academic success.”

    But Ms. Weaver knows that sometimes academic performance has nothing to do with a student’s learning level.

    “Sometimes our kids are dealing with things outside of school that can affect their performance in school. As an educator, I know that it’s important to reach out to parents and ask if there’s anything I can do to help outside of providing engaging lessons. I always make sure my students have immediate feedback and stay motivated,” said Ms. Weaver.

    For her virtual students, she knows getting online every day can be a struggle, especially when they experience poor internet connection. That’s why she works with students and their parents to make up any assignments they may have missed due to lack of connectivity.

    “The last thing I want is for the learning gap to grow wider because of lack of technology. APS has done a great job of providing all students with laptops, but some things, like internet access, are beyond our control,” said Ms. Weaver. “ I want every student to have the same opportunity to complete their work.”

    Ms. Wever’s main goal is to ensure every single student she teaches is prepared for success when they graduate high school.

    “My students are my joy,” she said.