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Mr. Morgan

Greetings, My name is Derrick Morgan, a native of Atlanta, Georgia. I have a BS in Business Management, a Masters degree in Mathematics and early childhood education, and I am ESOL endorsed. I am a teacher that cares, is supportive, and gives much of my own personal time to assist students.

As and ESOL teacher, I plan to facilitate an active learning environment in which students feel free to participate, express their ideas and take academic risks. My expectations are for each student to come prepared and eager to learn. Guiding students with thought-provoking, open-ended questions and real-world applications, I will assess student learning to enhance the learning experience and ultimately, increase student achievement.

Cheers to a GREAT school year!................... Let me know if you need another photo.... I don't take many
Derrick Morgan, M.Ed.
ESOL Scott & Boyd Elementary

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