• Dr. Herring


    Message from the Superintendent


    When growing up in rural Georgia, not far from Atlanta, my grandfather often reminded me that I had an opportunity not extended to him, a chance for an education. As a sharecropper, he spent his youth tending to the fields to help the family survive. The school became a dream realized only through the lives of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

    In 2021, the inequities are similar, as Atlanta shoulders the stigma of having one of the nation’s largest wealth and income disparities. It’s a challenge reflected in our schools and one I’m committed to addressing rather than allowing our children to fall victim.

    Establishing equity in Atlanta Public Schools is ensuring every child has a chance to grow and thrive. It’s providing our children with the grace to grow without implicit bias or a lack of opportunities and access while challenging our neighbors and educators the grace to grow past feelings of inferiority, anger or guilt to knowledge-infused love and support for each other and all children.


    Our vision is a high-performing school district where students love to learn, educators inspire, families engage and the community trusts the system. Equity must be the through-line to bring these words to life.

    The Center for Equity + Social Justice will help us achieve these goals by helping us identify and repair inequitable policies, practices, and processes and training and supporting our educators and parents with equity-related needs. We can do this - together.

    Let’s continue to Talk Equity, Atlanta. That’s the first step.  Then, let’s turn the talk into action.



    Dr. Lisa Herring