• Natasha


    Natasha Speed

    Natasha Speed is a public health professional who brings 10+ years of working with organizations to reimagine and redesign delivery of services. She has a passion for driving sustainable change to improve quality of life for underserved and marginalized communities, specifically people of color. Her aptitude for continuous quality improvement (CQI), has supported her in improving access, experience, and outcomes for various communities across multiple sectors.   

     Natasha recently attained a Master’s in Educational Leadership from The Broad Residency in Urban Education. She also has a Master of Public Health and a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Tennessee.  As a broad resident, she worked in Budget Services and partnered with central office leaders to enhance efficiency and transparency in the budget development process at Atlanta Public Schools. Natasha has collaborated with leaders throughout Johns Hopkins Medicine to improve patient experience and outcomes. She also worked for the National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC) to provide capacity building assistance to nonprofit organizations across the nation on implementing the CDC’s HIV high impact prevention and treatment interventions.   


    Natasha started her public health journey to pay tribute to her mother who passed away due to complications of HIV in 1994. Starting at an early age she noted how systemic barriers produced unfair outcomes, so she set out to these break cycles. Her public health career began at the City of St. Louis Department of Health, where she worked as a disease investigator and case manager to improve access to care for people living with HIV. 

     Natasha’s focus on public health and quality of life led her to education. She recognizes that K-12 plays a vital role in shaping the trajectory of a person’s life, thus impacting their overall quality of life. She desires to serve as a change agent who helps develop the path to actualize equitable education for all. Natasha believes every student deserves a fair chance, a just experience, and a first-class education. She is honored to serve APS students, families, employees, and communities in this capacity.   

     Fun Fact: Natasha loves shooting pool, dancing, and having fun with family. She also has a new pup named Nipsey Ruffles.