Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Charity Afzal

Meet Charity Afzal, an exceptional and dedicated educator from the vibrant city of Decatur, Georgia. With a passion for nurturing young minds and a heart dedicated to making a positive impact on the world, Charity's journey in education has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a desire to cultivate future leaders.

Her educational foundation began at Gordon State University, where she pursued a Dual degree in General and Special Education, equipping herself with the knowledge and skills to cater to diverse learners. Her dedication to continuous growth led her to further her studies at Walden University, where she earned a Masters in Reading and Math, honing her expertise in these critical subjects.

Charity's teaching career commenced in 2012, and over the last 11 years, she has garnered extensive experience in various grade levels, having taught every grade except kindergarten and 5th grade. While she taught 5th grade as an IRR teacher, she has yet to experience a full classroom at that grade level. This diverse experience has given her a well-rounded perspective on the needs and challenges of students across different age groups.

At the core of Charity's passion for teaching lies a desire to cultivate goodness in her students, encouraging them to contribute positively to the world, no matter how big or small their actions may be. She firmly believes that her role as an educator goes beyond academic instruction; it extends to instilling values and character traits that will serve her students well in life.

Charity is elated to be a part of a beautiful community, thriving under the guidance of exceptional leadership. Being surrounded by like-minded colleagues who share her commitment to education adds to her enthusiasm for shaping the future generation of leaders.

Outside of the classroom, Charity enjoys a range of hobbies that nurture her personal growth. She finds solace and reflection through journaling, seeking wisdom from self-help books to continually improve as an educator and an individual. Basking in the warmth of the sun brings her joy and rejuvenation.

Adding a special aspect to her life, Charity proudly identifies herself as a "boy mom" to three boys. Her experiences as a mother bring a unique perspective to her teaching and strengthen her empathy and understanding for the families of her students.

Charity Afzal's dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment to the growth of her students make her a truly inspiring teacher. Through her teaching and mentorship, she aspires to cultivate a future generation that embodies goodness, compassion, and leadership, positively influencing the world they inhabit.