Equity Strategy & Coherence (ESAC)

  • The Office of Equity Strategy & Coherence (ESAC) is comprised of the Equitable Resource Strategy and Equity Strategy teams.

  • Equitable Resource Strategy team

    Provides technical support for the Finance, Operations, Talent, Performance, and Strategy Divisions.

  • Equity Strategy team

    Manages equity-focused strategic initiatives, communications, public relations, and data analysis for the district’s Center for Equity + Social Justice. 

  • These two teams work together to promote equity-guided and data-informed decision-making. 


    The primary objective of ESAC is to support district leaders in using an equity lens to redesign how organizational elements, culture, systems, structures, resources, and stakeholders are utilized to enact APS’ theory of change. 


    To advance the theory of change, APS has adopted the Public Education Leadership Program (PELP), founded in 2003 by Harvard. PELP is a collaborative effort between the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard Business School, aimed at improving the management and leadership competencies of preK-12 public school leaders in order to drive greater educational outcomes for students


    Follow this link to read how the PELP Coherence Framework was used as the foundation for the Center for Equity and Social Justice, in The Note on Racial Equity in School Systems

Meet Team ESAC

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