The Atlanta Virtual Academy (AVA) is a fully accredited online learning environment that is available to elementary, middle and high school students at Atlanta Public Schools.

    APS offers two types of virtual learning:

    AVA Direct Program - permits eligible K-12th grade students to attend the Atlanta Virtual Academy through a Synchronous learning model with live instruction daily.

    AVA Flex Program - permits eligible 6-12th grade students to attend Virtual Academy through an Asynchronous self-paced learning model with teacher facilitation as needed.

    Enrollment acceptance into Atlanta Virtual Academy will be granted for 2023-2024SY beginning August 1, 2023. Applications will be accepted online or by appointment at the Department of Student Assignment, located at: 130 Trinity Avenue (2nd Floor), Atlanta, Georgia 30303. To apply online, please visit our application portal at https://atlantapublicschools.schoolmint.net/ 


    APPLICATION WINDOW: February 13, 2023 – April 7, 2023


    Important points to remember:

    • AVA is a program, not a school. Therefore, students need to be enrolled at their zone schools to receive an AVA enrollment.
    • If your student applies for AVA for Fall 2023, and they are not currently enrolled in an APS school, you will need to complete OLR prior to your student being enrolled for Atlanta Virtual Academy. Failure to complete OLR or remain enrolled at the APS zone school, will result in the AVA enrollment being forfeited.
    • Prior to the application deadline, all applications submitted on the last day receive the same consideration as applications submitted on the first day.
    • No late applications will be accepted after the application window closes on April 7.
    • Students with a 504 and/or IEP will need to have their services reviewed to ensure they can be implemented in a virtual setting.
    • Accepting a seat offer into AVA is a semester-long commitment. Therefore, once the parent accepts the seat offer for Fall Semester 2023, they may not return to their zone school until the end of the semester – January 2024.
    • AVA families are expected to monitor student progress, productivity and attendance.
    • AVA students can participate in extracurricular activities at their home schools.
    • AVA students take all national (PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP) and state (EOG, EOC) exams at their home schools.


    For additional information, please contact:
    Atlanta Virtual Academy
    20 Evelyn Way NW
    Atlanta, Georgia