• Students are assigned roles on teams representing real world projects.

  • Bridges Project

    The 10th Grade Geometry classes combined their knowledge of lines, angles, and geometric shapes and patterns to creatively design and build bridges. The students were placed in groups of four to create a project team, resembling real-world architecture and engineering teams. The roles of the project team are as follows:

    • Project Manager -Facilitate project activities, task management, time management and project completion

    • Computer Analyst- Conducts computer research, ensures geometry formulas and principles are correct and defines and identifies geometric shapes

    • Construction Manager- Acquires materials and oversees construction activities orders materials as required.

    • Project Recorder- Designs project presentation boards. Ensures presentation boards are complete representation of the project. Develops project notebook.

    Pi Day

    The CEC Mathematics Department hosted the 2023 National Pi Day Celebration on Tuesday March 14, 2023 (national Pi Day) with super fun activities such as, a Pi Memory Contest, Find Your Birthday in Pi (http://www.subidiom.com/pi/piday.asp), and Circumference Art and Calculate Pi. Students also hung a Pi banner around the interior school interior to visually convey the infinite property of the number!

    Participation prizes included a variety of yummy pies!