• Mr. Cedric Suttle

    I am a proud graduate of South Carolina State University and Mercer University. Throughout my career as an educator, I learned to build positive relationships with students, peers, administrators and various stakeholders. I have used a variety of best practices and gained a plethora of experience in curriculum, instructional strategies and design. These experiences have allowed me the opportunity to use my analytical, critical thinking, aggressive and quick decision-making skills, and collaboratively creating solutions to various situations. All these skills are easily transferable being a competent leader in education.

    During my tenure as an educator, I have gained valuable insight that can be translated into various arenas. I began my professional journey as a Program Coordinator for Emory University writing grants to the Arthur Blank Foundation for Title I schools. Once the grants’ funding was depleted, I transitioned to South Atlanta High School where I was a mathematics teacher for six and a half years. It was at South Atlanta where I honed my teaching skills and saw immediate success. My first semester, I had 100% pass rate on the Georgia High School End-Of-Course-Test and had one of the highest passing rates in Atlanta Public Schools for the 2012-2013 school year. During the next years, my pass rate was consistently one of the highest in the district.

    After a tenure with Atlanta Public Schools, I furthered my career with Clayton County Schools. There I have managed to consistently demonstrate a tremendous work ethic, impeccable teamwork capabilities, and effective organizational skills.

    Upon my return to Atlanta Public Schools, I furthered my career as a teacher and moved students to mastery employing best practices and honing my leadership skills throughout the school building. I then transitioned to Instructional Technology Specialist and then Instructional Mathematics Coach. The latter of my career has been leading educators towards the instruction on content mastery and the implementation of research-based strategies.

    I am a dedicated educator with a great deal of knowledge and skills as well as a passion and enthusiasm for solving problems in a proficient and effective manner. I am self-motivated and can competently work cooperatively in a team situation. I always prided myself on being able to work at a high level of accuracy and performance.