The Atlanta Public Schools 2020-21 General Administrative Transfer lottery ranking will be held on May 15th . 


    The lottery's purpose is to rank the transfer applications rank in relation to other applicants for the same grade. The official lottery results will be posted on Friday, May 15th by 5:00 PM at www.atlanta.k12.ga.us/transfers.

     Which schools have received more applications than projected transfer spaces available?




    Special Education/504 Students: A student with disabilities who applied will need to have his or her individualized educational program (IEP) or Section 504 plan evaluated to determine if capacity on the special education program and services required under the IEP or 504 plans are available at the school. The district is not required to add program capacity and services to a school. If services and program capacity are not available your transfer may be denied.



    When will I be notified?

    Student Assignment will begin emailing Transfer Offers to parents/guardians beginning May 22, 2020. Parents will have 5 calendar days to accept or decline the transfer. If the parent/guardian declines the offered space or fails to respond within five (5) calendar days, that student will be removed from the roster and the space will be offered to the next student of that grade level on the list until all spaces have been filled.


    Are only the schools with more applicants than projected spaces ranked?



    Can parents pick up the transfer offer?

    No. All transfer offers are sent directly through the ScribChoice Family Dashboard. If assistance is needed to check the status of your application or to accept/decline a transfer offer, please contact the Department of Student Assignment at 404-802-2233. 


    What if I haven't received any notice about my transfer application by July 1, 2020 or lost my application number?

    Please send an email to Student Assignment at studentassignment@atlanta.k12.ga.us or call 404-802-2233.