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    Welcome to Inman Physical Education!

    We offer a variety of activities for all students and look forward to each student participating while learning the importance of lifetime physical fitness. Students are taught various skills associated with team sports, fitness, and sportsmanship.

    Physical Education Clothing

    -Inman PE uniform-
    -Inman T-shirt, plain white, or grey T-shirt
    -Shorts or sweats
    -Athletic shoes...(shoes w/ laces)

    Current Units
    -6th/8th- Volleyball/ Ultimate Frisbee/ Personal Fitness
    -7th- Ultimate Frisbee/ Volleyball/ Personal Fitness

    The 1st round of the Fitnessgram will be taking place over the next 2 weeks

    Fitnessgram this month---State mandated fitness testing.  We will be assessing all students in the Fitnessgram.  These are the following categories:

    Cardiovascular Endurance

    Muscular Strength

    Muscular Endurance


    Body Composition

     Tutorial Times: Wednesday 4:20-5:20




    For any questions or concerns please contact:

    Coach Hooley-dhooley@atlanta.k12.ga.us
    Coach Fessehaye-yfessehaye@atlanta.k12.ga.us
    Coach Dionne- rdionne@atlanta.k12.ga.us

Last Modified on August 3, 2017