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    Thank you for supporting the 2018-2019 STEM program as we strive to achieve the best educational experience for all students through Washington's STEM initiatives!
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    Listed below are a few goals for this year:
    1) Increase awareness of our STEM initiatives among BTW’s stakeholders and the community at large
    2) Increase awareness of the three STEM pathways among BTW students: Computer Science, Sports Medicine and Patient Care


    On behalf of the 2017-2018 BTW S.T.E.M. Steering Committee, we look forward to serving you!
    Dr. Tasharah Wilson, Principal

    Mrs. Chanel Cobey-Williams, STEM Advisor   | 404-802-4630






     Ms. Bukola Ayeni
    Ms. Dean 
    Mr. Howard 
    Mr. Palmer
    Mandie Lozano