• What is Cyber Safety?

    Cyber Safety is the safe and responsible use of the internet and digital technologies. It is important that students are informed of the issues surrounding the use of communication and information tools online. Atlanta Public Schools is committed to ensuring that our students are safe online.
    How are we enforcing Cyber Safety in Atlanta Public Schools?

    Atlanta Public Schools utilizes Common Sense Media to provide the curriculum to be used for internet safety for our students and staff. In addition, the department of Instructional Technology works in conjunction with our Media Services department to deliver engaging cyber safety lessons for students in grades K-12.

    The department of Instructional Technology encourages and is working with our teachers to become Common Sense Educator Digital Citizenship Certified and our schools to become Digital Citizenship Certified Schools.  

    The topics covered by our Instructional Technology and Media Services teams include:
    • ·   Internet Safety 
    • ·      Privacy & Security
    • ·      Relationships & Communication
    • ·      Cyberbullying
    • ·      Digital Footprint & Reputation
    • ·      Self-image & Identity
    • ·   Information Literacy
    • ·   Creative Credit & Copyright