• AVA Initial Credit
    AVA Initial Credit (AVA IC) is for students who are taking high school courses for the first time, students who need to retake a course, or athletes (AVA Initial Credit courses are NCAA approved). AVA Initial Credit is also an option for students interested in getting ahead. The AVA Initial Credit program provides a similar experience to students face-to-face classroom experience since students have an assigned content teacher for their course.. Students also have access to a virtual classroom that includes video capabilities, a whiteboard, computer sharing and chat capabilities. Depending on their assigned course, students taking Initial Credit courses can access their teacher for questions during the school day or after school hours. 

    Middle and High School students that are interested in taking high school courses for the first time, students who need to retake a course, or athletes (AVA Initial Credit courses are NCAA approved). 
    Any courses taken from Georgia Virtual  Academy must be approved by AVA leadership via email.  If Atlanta Virtual Academy offers the course, students are not approved to enroll in Georgia Virtual Academy.  
    How to Register:

    (1) Speak with your counselor about courses you are interested in taking with AVA.

    (2) Complete and return the AVA Initial Credit Application to your counselor. A parent/guardian signature is required. You must be registered on or before the last day of AVA online registration. See the Dates and Deadline section.
    Confirming Registration: 

    Your Counselor will give you the bottom half of your application with the website to log-in, your username and your password. The registration process adds your course to your school schedule in Infinite Campus. Check Infinite Campus to make sure you have been properly registered. 
    Logging into your course: 

    You are ready to begin your Credit Recovery course!
    Log in with Genius here: http://atlanta.geniussis.com/PublicWelcome.aspx . Your Username is your APS User ID and your Password is your APS Lunch Number. Click on the name of your course to begin. 
    How to get Started: 

    (1) Log into your course here: http://atlanta.geniussis.com/PublicWelcome.aspx

    (2) watch the Edgenuity Student Orientation Video (it should start playing the first time you log in), and (3) start working. After the Edgenuity Orientation Video is complete, on the left side panel, you should see the name of your course. 
     Discussion Questions: 

    Your course consist of four Discussion Questions. These Discussion Questions are worth 20% of your Edgenuity grade. To access them in Edgenutiy, (1) click on your course name, (2) click on “Organizer”, (3) click on “Communications”, (4) click on “Collaboration Corner”, (5) click on the Discussion you want to respond to (6) click “Reply” to answer discussion question.
    Final Exam and EOC: 

    All AVA Initial Credit courses contain a final exam. Non-EOC course final exams are in the Edgenuity course. EOC final exams will be scheduled and administered at your home school. Your final grade will be 20% EOC and 80% Edgenuity (actual grade). 
    Final Grade: 

    Your final grade will be communicated to you by your AVA instructor and will be posted on your transcript.